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Our Approach to ESG

Our Path to a Sustainable Future

Honeycombes strives to ensure we deliver positive outcomes for our people, the planet, and the communities in which we operate. The following outlines our approach to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities we face.


At Honeycombes we are mindful of our environmental footprint and take a considered approach to ensure our developments have a positive environmental impact.

We are committed to managing all of our sites in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner and seek to employ innovative environmental measures in every detail of the design and development process.

We strive to retain the original natural integrity of all our sites and achieve optimal environmental outcomes with the strong support of stakeholders including governments and local communities.

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We undertake the following steps in each of our projects to ensure we are consistently optimising our environmental efficiencies and minimise the footprint we leave.

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Development Locations

The areas we develop in are a key consideration in the planning phase. A potential site’s proximity to urban and lifestyle amenities governs how people travel within their community and elsewhere. Providing key amenities and transport options within walking distance of our developments are at the forefront of every project.

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Green Spaces

Green spaces are considered in each development to nourish the existing character of the community, improve environmental conditions, and protect biodiversity by creating wildlife habitats.

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Extending Developments Lifespan

All buildings are designed to make use of sustainable materials wherever possible and to ensure their lifespan is extended. We are also committed to managing our developments post-delivery, thereby reducing future waste.

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle charging is a key consideration for future developments.

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Air Conditioning 

Energy efficient air conditioning units are installed

across all of our developments.

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Environmental Controls

Strict environmental controls are in place on construction sites to manage runoff ensuring no contamination enters waterways.

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Residential developments are thoughtfully designed to promote cross-ventilation through the considered positioning of windows and doors and where applicable loggia corridors are considered in a development’s design to further enhance cross-ventilation. Ceiling fans in bedrooms also encourage cross ventilation, minimising the use of air-conditioning.


Our Approach to Sustainable Developments

The Ferny Grove Transit Oriented Development including Ferny Grove Central, and the Fernery is currently being delivered with a Sustainability Management Plan.


This is to be submitted incorporating measures to achieve a 'Best Practice' environmental sustainability rating for the building in accordance with a recognised Environmental Rating System suitable for the approved development.


We have engaged an Ecological Sustainability Development consultant for the project to ensure we achieve the equivalent of a Green Star 4 Star rating. 


Itara at Riverway in Townsville was awarded an impressive 7.7 star energy rating and was also a member of Townsville’s consortium participating in the Australian Government’s Solar Cities Program.


Solar Cities trials were implemented in key urban locations across Australia. Through these trials, governments, industry, businesses, and residents worked together with a vision to create a new energy future for Australian communities.


Holborn and Kensington at Central were also included in the Solar Cities Program.

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The Coorparoo Square Transport Orientated Development with combined retail and residential uses has resulted in a number of key sustainability criteria being achieved. Coorparoo Square was awarded the coveted national award for Best Mixed-Use Development at the 2019 Property Council & Rider Levett Bucknall Innovation & Excellence Awards.


Coorparoo Square provides centrally located amenities and excellent public transport connections, reducing car use for local residents. The mixed-use precinct also harnesses solar energy, which is directed towards its recreational areas. A number of PV cells have been installed on each building, which contribute to common area power. Each of Coorparoo Square’s apartments have a green switch allowing all lights in the residences to be simultaneously switched off as the occupants leave their apartments meaning electricity usage and costs are reduced.


Liverpool Place, recently completed in Townsville has been designed, constructed, and delivered under a 5 Star Green Star rating and ensures optimum environmental considerations during construction and ongoing operation of this state-of-the-art facility housing the Commonwealth Government as the sole tenant for at least the next 10 years.

The Fernery
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Social - Organisation

At Honeycombes we strive to encourage a great level of employee engagement and employ a highly diverse, capable, and skilled workforce with a goal of continuous improvement as individuals and the team as a whole. This is monitored monthly by the executive team and reviewed on a yearly basis.


Social - Community

We understand that our projects can have a material impact on local communities where we deliver them. Honeycombes recognises the importance of consulting these local communities during all phases to ensure this impact is positive for all stakeholders. Our consciousness of these issues has ensured that Honeycombes projects have always been well received by communities through the benefits they provide. 


All of our team appreciate the vital role that civic buildings and spaces play in the social, economic, cultural, and structural fabric of our built environments and the community ‘villages’ where they are built: 

  • These places support public safety and amenity, house city management services, give voice to the community and bring people together in the appreciation of history, culture, the arts and science.

  • Our designs focus on enhancing quality of life, offering comfortable, functional, and visually appealing housing options at a variety of price points.

  • We understand the key details that create a sense of home: the ability to personalise a space; ease of movement; beautiful views, daylighting, greenery, and airflow; and a sense of privacy balanced with connectedness to people and local amenities, engendering feelings of community and belonging.

  • We ensure each development satisfies practical requirements, including the achievement of business objectives, community integration, operational efficiencies, end-to-end sustainability, and design longevity.

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Community Engagement

Honeycombes provide a strong level of financial support for local not-for-profit groups which contributes to improving the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate.


Calvary Worldwide


Inspiring Brighter Futures Foundation


Fuel for Schools

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Red Frogs


The Board of Directors of Honeycombes Property Group holds a primary role of protecting and enhancing the organisation. The Board is responsible for the corporate governance of the Group including formulating its strategic direction, approving, and monitoring capital expenditure, appointing directors, establishing, and monitoring the achievement of management goals and ensuring risks and legal compliance are managed.

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