Itara Apartments



Environmental management and sustainability are fundamental values at Honeycombes.

We are committed to managing all of our sites in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way and seeks to adopt leading edge environmental standards in everything we do.


Itara at Riverway in Townsville was awarded an impressive 7.7 star energy rating and was also a member of Townsville’s consortium participating in the Australian Government’s Solar Cities Program.


Solar Cities trials were implemented in key urban locations across Australia. Through these trials, governments, industry, businesses and residents worked together with a vision to create a new energy future for Australian communities. Holborn and Kensington at Central were also included in the Solar Cities Program.


Coorparoo Square, features an innovative Green Switch that is positioned at the entrance of each apartment. This Green Switch turns on and off all lighting within the apartment, therefore providing Coorparoo Square residents one switch that they can utilise to manage their electricity more efficiently.

Liverpool Place, recently completed in Townsville has been designed, constructed and delivered under a 5 Star Green Star rating and ensures optimum environmental considerations during construction and ongoing operation of this state of the art facility housing the Commonwealth Government as the sole tenant for at least the next 10 years.

Honeycombes strives to retain the original natural integrity of all our sites and achieve optimal environmental outcomes with the strong support of important stakeholders such as governments and local communities.