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Our Services


Over the past 25 years, Honeycombes has undertaken more than 60 multi-million dollar joint-venture projects with public and private companies as well as local and state government organisations.

The company’s extensive expertise, strong skills integration and high level of commitment ensures it can produce the best possible outcomes in every aspect of project delivery. We are large enough to deliver, yet remain flexible and responsive.

Drawing on the expertise and commitment of the Board of Directors and Executive Team, Honeycombes has a team of qualified people who have a holistic approach to offer a complete acquisition, development and marketing solution for today’s market.


Honeycombes has carefully selected several Queensland hot spots for its current portfolio of development activity and has the right experience and resources to see these projects through to completion.

Having developed in excess of 3,500 tenancies and residences over the last 25 years, many of our clients are repeat customers who have rented and/or invested within Honeycombes projects.

Honeycombes Property Group is a privately owned company with a history of providing quality residential, commercial and mixed use developments for owner-occupiers and the investor market dating back more than 25 years.

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